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8051 Professional Developers Kit

Keil Software PK51

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Keil Cx51 Tools Brochure
Keil Cx51 Tools Brochure
1.2 MB
Keil PK51 Web Page
Keil PK51 Web Page

Manufacturer Kit Part Number

Keil Software PK51

Kit Type

Software Development Kit    [What's This?]

Manufacturer's Suggested Kit Price


Compiler Language Support


Core(s) Supported


Manufacturer(s) Supported

Cyrod, Ramtron, Atmel, Dallas, Silicon Labs, Infineon, NXP, ST Micro, Texas Instruments

Package Description

The PK51 Professional Developer's Kit for the 8051 microcontroller family supports all 8051 derivatives including new devices with extended memory and instruction sets (like the Dallas 390/5240/400, Philips 51MX, and Analog Devices MicroConverters) and classic devices and IP cores from companies like Analog Devices, Atmel, Cypress Semiconductor, Cyrod, Dallas Semiconductor, Goal (now Cyrod and Ramtron), Hynix, Infineon, Intel, NXP (founded by Philips), OKI, Ramtron, Silicon Labs, SMSC, STMicroelectronics, Synopsis, TDK, Temic, Texas Instruments, and Winbond.

On-chip peripherals and other key features of the 8051 are easy to access with the PK51 Professional Developer's Kit.

Included with Compiler

Integrated Development Environment
-Keil Extended 8051 Compilation Tools
AX51 Macro Assembler
CX51 ANSI C Compiler
LX51 Linker/Locator
OHX51 Object-HEX Conveter
-Keil Classic 8051 Compilation Tools
A51 Macro Assembler
C51 ANSI C Compiler
BL51 Code Banking Linker/Locator
OH51 Object-HEX Converter
OC51 Banked Object Converter
-Target Debuggers
FlashMON51 Target Monitor
MON51 Target Monitor
MON390 (Dallas 390) Target Monitor
MONADI (Analog Devices 812) Target Monitor
ISD51 In-System Debugger
-RTX51 Tiny Real-Time Kernel

Hardware Debugging Support

-ULINK2 Adapter
-EPM9000 LPD Emulator
-SmartMX DBox

RTOS Support

-RTX51 Tiny Real-Time Kernel

Devices Supported

Acer Labs (8051 Family)
M6032, M6759
Actel (8051 Family)
Aeroflex UTMC (8051 Family)
Altium (8051 Family)
Nexar TSK51
Analog Devices (8051 Family)
New!ADE5166, New!ADE5169, New!ADE5566, New!ADE5569, New!ADE7166F16, New!ADE7166F8, ADE7169F16, ADE7566F16, ADE7566F8, ADE7569F16, ADuC812, ADuC814, ADuC816, ADuC824, ADuC831, ADuC832, ADuC834, ADuC836, ADuC841, ADuC842, ADuC843, ADuC845, ADuC847, ADuC848
AnchorChips (8051 Family)
see Cypress Semiconductor
ASIX Electronics Corporation (8051 Family)
AX11001, AX11005, AX11015, AX11025
Atmel (8051 Family)
80C32E, AT48801, AT8032X2, AT80C31X2, AT83/87C5103, AT83/87C5111, AT83/87C5112, AT83C5134, AT83C5135, AT83C5136, AT83EB5114, AT85C51SND3, AT87F51, AT87F51RC, AT87F52, AT87F55WD, AT89C1051, AT89C1051U, AT89C2051, AT89C4051, AT89C51, AT89C5115, AT89C5130, AT89C5130A, AT89C5131, AT89C5131A, AT89C5132, AT89C51AC3, AT89C51CC03, AT89C51ED2, AT89C51IC2, AT89C51ID2, AT89C51IE2, AT89C51RB2, AT89C51RC, AT89C51RC2, AT89C51RD2, AT89C51RE2, AT89C51SND1, AT89C51SND2, AT89C52, AT89C55, AT89C55WD, AT89F51, AT89F52, AT89LP2052, AT89LP214, AT89LP4052, AT89LP414, AT89LP428, AT89LP828, AT89LS51, AT89LS52, AT89LS53, AT89LS8252, AT89LV51, AT89LV52, AT89LV55, AT89S2051, AT89S4051, AT89S4D12, AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S53, AT89S8252, AT89S8253, AT8xC5122, T80C31, T80C31X2, T80C32, T80C51, T80C51FP1, T80C51I2, T80C51RA2, T80C51RD2, T80C51U2, T83/87C51RB2, T83/87C51RC2, T83/87C51RD2, T83/87C51U2, T83/87C52X2, T83C5101, T83C5102, T87C51, T87C5101, T89C51AC2, T89C51CC01, T89C51CC02, T89C51RB2, T89C51RC2, T89C51RD2, T8xC5121, TS80C52X2, TS80C54X2, TS80C58X2
Atmel Wireless & uC (8051 Family)
see Atmel
AustriaMicroSystems (8051 Family)
AS8267, AS8268
CAST, Inc. (8051 Family)
C8051 Core, D80530 Core, R8051 Core, R80515 Core, R8051XC, T8051
Chipcon (8051 Family)
CC1010, CC1110F16, CC1110F32, CC1110F8, CC1111F16, CC1111F32, CC1111F8, CC2430F128, CC2430F32, CC2430F64, CC2431, CC2510F16, CC2510F32, CC2510F8, CC2511F16, CC2511F32, CC2511F8
CML Microcircuits (8051 Family)
Cybernetic Micro Systems (8051 Family)
CybraTech (8051 Family)
SOC-3000, SOC-4000
Cygnal Integrated Products (8051 Family)
see Silicon Laboratories, Inc.
Cypress Semiconductor (8051 Family)
Daewoo (8051 Family)
DMC60C51/31, DMC60C52/32
Dallas Semiconductor (8051 Family)
DS2250, DS2250T, DS2251T, DS2252T, DS5000, DS5000FP, DS5000T, DS5001FP, DS5002FP, DS5240, DS5250, DS80C310, DS80C320, DS80C323, DS80C390, DS80C400, DS80C410, DS80C411, DS87C520/DS83C520, DS87C530, DS87C550, DS89C420, DS89C430, DS89C440, DS89C450
Digital Core Design (8051 Family)
DP80390, DP80390CPU, DP80390XP, DP8051, DP8051CPU, DP8051XP, DR80390, DR80390CPU, DR80390XP, DR8051, DR8051CPU, DR8051XP
Dolphin (8051 Family)
Flip8051 Breeze, Flip8051 Cyclone, Flip8051 Thunder, Flip8051 Wind
Domosys (8051 Family)
easyplug (8051 Family)
IPL0202, IPL0404
Evatronix (8051 Family)
R8051, R80515, R8051XC (2 DPTR), R8051XC (8 DPTR), New!T8051
Genesis Microchip (8051 Family)
Goal Semiconductor (8051 Family)
see Ramtron
Handshake Solutions (8051 Family)
Honeywell (8051 Family)
Hynix Semiconductor (8051 Family)
GMS90C31, GMS90C32, GMS90C320, GMS90C51, GMS90C52, GMS90C54, GMS90C56, GMS90C58, GMS90L31, GMS90L32, GMS90L320, GMS90L51, GMS90L52, GMS90L54, GMS90L56, GMS90L58, GMS97C1051, GMS97C2051, GMS97C51, GMS97C51H, GMS97C52, GMS97C52H, GMS97C54, GMS97C54H, GMS97C56, GMS97C56H, GMS97C58, GMS97C58H, GMS97L1051, GMS97L2051, GMS97L51, GMS97L52, GMS97L54, GMS97L56, GMS97L58, HMS91C7432, HMS9xC7132, HMS9xC7134, HMS9xC8032
Hyundai (8051 Family)
see Hynix Semiconductor
Infineon (8051 Family)
C501, C501G-1R / -E, C501G-L, C504-2R /-2E, C504-L, C505-2R, C505-L, C505A-4E, C505C-2R, C505C-L, C505CA-4E, C505L-4E, C508, C509-L, C511-R, C511A-R, C513-R, C513A--2R, C513A--L, C513A--R, C513A-H, C515-1R, C515-L, C515A-4R, C515A-L, C515B-2R, C515C-8R / -8E, C515C-L, C517A-4R, C517A-L, C540U-E, C541U-2E, C868, SAB 80C515, SAB 80C515A, SAB 80C517, SAB 80C517A, SAB 80C535, SAB 80C537, SAB 83C515A-5, SAB 83C517A-5, SDA 30C16x/26x, SDA 555X TVText Pro, SDA 80D51 A-U, TLE7809, TLE7810, TLE7824, TLE7826, XC864-1FRI, XC866-1FR, XC866-2FR, XC866-4FR, XC866L-1FR, XC866L-2FR, XC866L-4FR, XC878-13FF, XC878-16FF, XC878-9FF, XC878C-13FF, XC878C-16FF, XC878CM-13FF, XC878CM-16FF, XC878L-13FF, XC878L-16FF, XC878M-13FF, XC878M-16FF, XC878M-9FF, XC886-6FF, XC886-8FF, XC886C-6FF, XC886C-8FF, XC886CLM-6FF, XC886CLM-8FF, XC886CM-6FF, XC886CM-8FF, XC886LM-6FF, XC886LM-8FF, XC888-6FF, XC888-8FF, XC888C-6FF, XC888C-8FF, XC888CLM-6FF, XC888CLM-8FF, XC888CM-6FF, XC888CM-8FF, XC888LM-6FF, XC888LM-8FF
InnovASIC (8051 Family)
IA80C152, IA8x44
Intel (8051 Family)
80/87C52, 80/87C54, 80/87C58, 80/87L52, 80/87L54, 80/87L58, 8031AH, 8032AH, 8051AH, 8052AH, 80C152JA, 80C152JB, 80C152JC, 80C152JD, 80C31BH, 80C32, 80C51BH, 80C51FA, 80C51GB, 80C51SL, 80L51FA, 81/83/87C51SL, 83/87C51FA, 83/87C51FB, 83/87C51FC, 83/87C51GB, 83/87C51RA, 83/87C51RB, 83/87C51RC, 83/87L51FA, 83/87L51FB, 83/87L51FC, 83C152JA, 83C152JC, 87C51, 8xC151SA, 8xC151SB
ISSI (8051 Family)
IS80C31, IS80C32, IS80C51, IS80C52, IS80LV31, IS80LV32, IS80LV51, IS80LV52, IS89C51, IS89C52
Maxim (8051 Family)
MAX7651, MAX7652
Megawin (8051 Family)
MPC82E52A, MPC82E54A, MPC82G516A, MPC82L52A, MPC82L54A, MPC89E51, MPC89E515, MPC89E52, MPC89E53, MPC89E54, MPC89E58, MPC89L51, MPC89L515, MPC89L516X2, MPC89L52, MPC89L53, MPC89L54, MPC89L556X2, MPC89L58
Mentor Graphics Co. (8051 Family)
M8051, M8051EW, M8051W, M8052
Micronas (8051 Family)
SDA 555X TVText Pro, VCT 48xyI, VCT 49xyI, VCT wxyP
MXIC (8051 Family)
MX10C8050, MX10C8050I, MX10C8051IA, MX10F201FC, MX10F202FC, MX10FMAXD
Myson Technology (8051 Family)
CS6208, MTV112E, MTV112M, MTV212M32, MTV212M64i, MTV230M, MTV312M64, MTV412M
Nordic Semiconductor (8051 Family)
nRF24E1, nRF24E2, New!nRF24LE1, nRF24LU1, nRF9E5 Multiband
Nuvoton (8051 Family)
W77C032, W77C512, W77C516, W77C58, W77E058, W77E468, W77E516, W77E532, W77E58, W77IC32, W77IE58, W77L032, W77L32, W77L532, W77LE58, W77x32, W78C032, W78C051, W78C052, W78C054, W78C32B, W78C32C, W78C33B, W78C354, W78C438C, W78C516, W78C51D, W78C52D, W78C54, W78C58, W78C801, W78E/78C378, W78E051, W78E052, W78E054, W78E058, W78E354, W78E365, W78E374, W78E374B, W78E516B, W78E51B, W78E52B, W78E54B, W78E58, W78E58B, W78E65, W78E858, W78ERD2, W78IE52, W78IE54, W78IRD2, W78L051, W78L052, W78L054, W78L058, W78L32, W78L33, W78L365, W78L51, W78L516, W78L52, W78L54, W78L801, W78L812, W78LE51, W78LE516, W78LE52, W78LE54, W78LE58, W78LE812, W78x374, W79E2051, W79E217, W79E225, W79E226, W79E227, W79E4051, W79E532, W79E548, W79E549, W79E632, W79E633, W79E648, W79E649, W79E658, W79E659, W79E802, W79E803, W79E804, W79E804, W79E8213, W79E822, W79E823, W79E824, W79E825, W79E832, W79E833, W79E834, W79L632, W79L633, W79L648, W79L649, W79L658, W79L659, W925C240, W925C625, W925E240, W925E625, W925EP01
NXP (founded by Philips) (8051 Family)
80/87C51, 80/87C52, 80C31, 80C31X2, 80C32, 80C32X2, 80C451, 80C51FA, 80C51RA+, 80C528, 80C550, 80C552, 80C554, 80C575, 80C652, 83/87C451, 83/87C524, 83/87C528, 83/87C550, 83/87C552, 83/87C554, 83/87C575, 83/87C652, 83/87C654, 83/87C750, 83/87C751, 83/87C752, 8XC51FA/8xL51FA, 8XC51FB/8xL51FB, 8xC51FC/8xL51FC, 8xC51MA2, 8xC51MB2, 8xC51MB2/02, 8xC51MC2, 8xC51MC2/02, 8xC51RA+, 8xC51RB+, 8xC51RC+, 8xC51RD+, 8XC52, 8XC54, 8XC58, P80/P87C51X2, P80/P87C52X2, P80/P87C54X2, P80/P87C58X2, P80C557E4, P80C557E6, P80C557E8, P80C562, P80C591, P80C592, P80CE558, P80CE560, P80CE598, P80CL31, P80CL410, P80CL51, P80CL580, P83/87C654X2, P83/87C660X2, P83/87C661X2, P83/P87C557E8, P83/P87CE560, P83/P89C557E4, P83/P89CE558, P83C557E6, P83C562, P83C591, P83C592, P83CE598, P83CL410, P83CL580, P87C51RA2, P87C51RB2, P87C51RC2, P87C51RD2, P87C591, P87CL52X2, P87CL54X2, P87CL888, P87LPC759, P87LPC760, P87LPC761, P87LPC762, P87LPC764, P87LPC767, P87LPC768, P87LPC769, P87LPC778, P89C51RA2xx, P89C51RB2Hxx, P89C51RB2xx, P89C51RC2Hxx, P89C51RC2xx, P89C51RD2Hxx, P89C51RD2xx, P89C51X2, P89C52X2, P89C54X2, P89C58X2, P89C60X2, P89C61X2, P89C660, P89C662, P89C664, P89C668, P89C669, P89C738, P89C739, P89LPC901, P89LPC902, P89LPC903, P89LPC904, P89LPC906, P89LPC907, P89LPC908, P89LPC9102, P89LPC9103, P89LPC9107, P89LPC912, P89LPC913, P89LPC914, P89LPC915, P89LPC916, P89LPC917, P89LPC920, P89LPC921, P89LPC922, P89LPC9221, P89LPC924, P89LPC925, P89LPC930, P89LPC931, P89LPC9311, P89LPC932, P89LPC932A1, P89LPC933, P89LPC934, P89LPC935, P89LPC936, P89LPC938, P89LPC9401, P89LPC9408, P89LPC952, P89LPC954, P89LV51RB2, P89LV51RC2, P89LV51RD2, P89V51RB2, P89V51RC2, P89V51RD2, P89V52X2, P89V660, P89V662, P89V664, PCD6001, PCD6002, SAA5645HL, SAA5647HL, SAA5665HL, SAA5667HL, TDA8006, TDA8008, TDA8028, TDA8029
OKI (8051 Family)
80/83C154S, 80C31F, 80C51F
Oregano Systems (8051 Family)
8051 IP Core
Philips (8051 Family)
see NXP
Ramtron (8051 Family)
VMX51C1016, VMX51C1020, VMX51C900, VRS1001, VRS1001B, VRS51C1000, VRS51C1100, VRS51C560, VRS51L1050, VRS51L2070, VRS51L3072, VRS51L3074, VRS51L3174, VRS51x540, VRS51x550, VRS51x570, VRS51x580, VRS700, VRS900
RDC Semiconductor (8051 Family)
R8032S, R8032T, R8032TT, R8032TTE, R8032TTEX
Sanyo (8051 Family)
Sharp (8051 Family)
Siemens (8051 Family)
see Infineon
Silicon Laboratories, Inc. (8051 Family)
C8051F000, C8051F001, C8051F002, C8051F005, C8051F006, C8051F007, C8051F010, C8051F011, C8051F012, C8051F015, C8051F016, C8051F017, C8051F018, C8051F019, C8051F020, C8051F021, C8051F022, C8051F023, C8051F040, C8051F041, C8051F042, C8051F043, C8051F044, C8051F045, C8051F046, C8051F047, C8051F060, C8051F061, C8051F062, C8051F063, C8051F064, C8051F065, C8051F066, C8051F067, C8051F120, C8051F121, C8051F122, C8051F123, C8051F124, C8051F125, C8051F126, C8051F127, C8051F130, C8051F131, C8051F132, C8051F133, C8051F206, C8051F220, C8051F221, C8051F226, C8051F230, C8051F231, C8051F236, C8051F300, C8051F301, C8051F302, C8051F303, C8051F304, C8051F305, C8051F310, C8051F311, C8051F312, C8051F313, C8051F314, C8051F315, C8051F316, C8051F317, C8051F320, C8051F321, C8051F326, C8051F327, C8051F330, C8051F331, C8051F332, C8051F333, C8051F334, C8051F335, C8051F336, C8051F337, C8051F338, C8051F339, C8051F340, C8051F341, C8051F342, C8051F343, C8051F344, C8051F345, C8051F346, C8051F347, C8051F350, C8051F351, C8051F352, C8051F353, C8051F360, C8051F361, C8051F362, C8051F363, C8051F364, C8051F365, C8051F366, C8051F367, C8051F368, C8051F369, C8051F410, C8051F411, C8051F412, C8051F413, C8051F520, C8051F521, C8051F523, C8051F524, C8051F526, C8051F527, C8051F530, C8051F531, C8051F533, C8051F534, C8051F536, C8051F537, C8051F920, C8051F921, C8051F930, C8051F931, C8051T600, C8051T601, C8051T602, C8051T603, C8051T604, C8051T605, C8051T610, C8051T611, C8051T612, C8051T613, C8051T614, C8051T615, C8051T616, C8051T617, Si8250-IM, Si8250-IQ, Si8251-IM, Si8251-IQ, Si8252-IM, Si8252-IQ
Siliconians (8051 Family)
SMSC (8051 Family)
COM20051, COM20051i, KBC1100, KBC1100L, LPC47N252, LPC47N253, LPC47N350, LPC47N359, USB97C100, USB97C102, USB97C201, USB97C202, USB97C210, USB97C211, USB97C242, USB97CFDC, USB97CFDC2
SST (8051 Family)
SST89C54, SST89C58, SST89C59, SST89E52RC, SST89E554RC, SST89E564RD, SST89F54, SST89F58, SST89V554RC, SST89V564RD, SST89x516RD2, SST89x52RD, SST89x52RD2, SST89x54RD, SST89x54RD2, SST89x58RD
STMicroelectronics (8051 Family)
uPSD3212A, uPSD3212C, uPSD3212CV, uPSD3233B, uPSD3233BV, uPSD3234A, uPSD3234BV, uPSD3253B, uPSD3253BV, uPSD3254A, uPSD3254BV, uPSD3312D, uPSD3312DV, uPSD3333D, uPSD3333DV, uPSD3334D, uPSD3334DV, uPSD3354D, uPSD3354DV, uPSD3422E, uPSD3422EV, uPSD3433E, uPSD3433EV, uPSD3434E, uPSD3434EV, uPSD3454E, uPSD3454EV
SyncMOS (8051 Family)
SM59264, SM5964, SM79108, SM79164, SM8051, SM8052, SM8058, SM89516, SM89516A, SM8951A, SM8952A, SM8954A, SM8958A
Synopsys (8051 Family)
Syntek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (8051 Family)
STK6011Px, STK6012Px, STK6031, STK6032
TDK (8051 Family)
see Teridian Semiconductor Corp.
Tekmos (8051 Family)
TK83C751, TK87C751
Temic (8051 Family)
see Atmel
Teridian Semiconductor Corp. (8051 Family)
71M6511, 71M6513, 71M8100, 73M2901, 73M2901CL, 73M2910L, 73S11xx, 73S1215F
Texas Instruments (8051 Family)
MSC1200Y2, MSC1200Y3, MSC1201Y2, MSC1201Y3, MSC1202Y2, MSC1202Y3, MSC1210Y2, MSC1210Y3, MSC1210Y4, MSC1210Y5, MSC1211Y2, MSC1211Y3, MSC1211Y4, MSC1211Y5, MSC1212Y2, MSC1212Y3, MSC1212Y4, MSC1212Y5, MSC1213Y2, MSC1213Y3, MSC1213Y4, MSC1213Y5, MSC1214Y2, MSC1214Y3, MSC1214Y4, MSC1214Y5, TAS1020, TAS3108, TUSB2136, TUSB3200, TUSB3210, TUSB3410, TUSB5052, TUSB6250
Tezzaron Semiconductor (8051 Family)
TSCR8051L2, TSCR8051L3, TSCR8051L5
Triscend (8051 Family)
TE502, TE505, TE512, TE520
Vitesse (8051 Family)
Winbond (8051 Family)
see Nuvoton
Zensys (8051 Family)
ZW0102, ZW0201, ZW0301
Zylogic Semiconductor Corp. (8051 Family)
ZE502S08, ZE505S16, ZE512S32, ZE520S40